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LaVista Caravans are a Melbourne based family owned company. Who a number of years ago, decided to design a good sized caravan, built to a very high standard of workmanship, with quality fittings and fixtures, which would more than compete with the existing market.
Mary and Allan business owners invite you to take a look at the manufacturing process of a LaVista Caravan.
As a family, all facets of the overall design were fully thought through.... where different features were placed, what height considerations needed to be built in, the fabrics, the colours, the amount of room required, all need to be planned.

We invite you to consider our range of caravans, when you are thinking of a new van for your family.... we think you might agree with our company  mantra... "twice the value, twice the fun, check out the quality, it's second to none".
LaVista caravans are constructed using 48mm x 25mm Meranti timber not the normal 25mm x 25mm used by other manufactures.

All timber joints are glued & screwed for optium strength.
To show you the extra strength of LaVista Caravans, look at how the workers easily stand on the roof to install the air/con unit.
You couldn't do this on many other caravan brands.
Construction is the integeral part of any caravan. LaVista take the time to get everything right.
Take a look ar the LaVista team at work in the factory.
Finished LaVista caravan waiting for transport truck pickup.